Amsteg: Progressive, Avant Garde and Technical Extreme Metal

Welcome to Amsteg.

First of all, this is a blog about extreme metal. But it's not a regular blog and it's not about regular extreme metal.
It's not a regular blog in the sense that I won't bitch about anything on my life nor will I address any subject unrelated to extreme metal or music.

And it's not about regular extreme metal in the sense that.. well.. it's not about regular extreme metal..
I'll explain it: Obviously I love extreme metal, but somewhere along the way I felt that most of the music that are being produced under this genre is, as in Chuck Palahniuk's words: "A copy of a copy of a copy." In other words, you could say that the formula being used to create extreme metal over time has gotten worn out by the fact that there are too many bands out there with little or no talent doing exactly what a few talented people were doing back in the 90s.
But there are exceptions, and most of the bands I'll be dealing with fall under the category of progressive, avant garde or technical extreme metal, mostly because the original "extreme metal" genre is much more accessible to anyone willing to spend 10 minutes on Google.

Now, about the name, Amsteg: It is a reference to a technique used on bowed instruments (such as a violin or a cello) where you play with the bow very close to the bridge, creating a heavier sound. Am Steg is the german expression for it, though it's often called Sul Ponticello, the original italian expression. Being both a classical music and heavy metal fan and musician I immediately recognized a similarity between the Am Steg and the "Palm Mutted" riffing, one of the trademarks of heavy metal music.

Thank you and please come back whenever you can.

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  1. I really get what you're saying. Most Extreme metal nowadays is very bland and a copy of a copy, but there are other bands that breakthrough that standard. I think you'd like to listen to Augury.